Daily Productive Sharing 296 - How to Make Others Think?

Daily Productive Sharing 296 - How to Make Others Think?
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Rigorous thinking is a way to motivate others to think proactively. Rather than giving direct answers, rigorous thinking leads the other person to explore further by asking questions until they give their own insights. In this way, it can help the other person gradually develop the habit of active thinking, rather than waiting for the answer to be given every time. Of course, this approach also varies from person to person.

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Last week, for example, I encountered a similar one situation. I was leading a project with a colleague who has a much longer work experience than mine, but the budget sheet he delivered just didn't feel right. When I asked the colleague he was working with, I felt that he was not interested in the project at all. So when I talked to him alone, I asked him specifically what he suggested to improve this project. He answered in a very vague way. With the architect title, coming up with such an answer is obviously not appropriate. So I asked, if you want to make improvements from the code level, what do you suggest? Then he stammered and refused to answer. Then I couldn't stand it any longer and asked him if he had read the code or not. The answer was obvious. He suddenly lost control and accused me of asking him in an inappropriate way. Finally I said, "According to the group's convention, everyone has to contribute code, how do you plan to move forward with this project? Are you going to contribute code? He said that he was only willing to provide architecture design, not to contribute code.

The end result was that he resigned. The project was handed over to other colleagues and I to move forward together, and the efficiency increased greatly.

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Rigorous Thinking: No Lazy Thinking

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