Daily Productive Sharing 297 - What Makes Buffett So Successful?

Daily Productive Sharing 297 - What Makes Buffett So Successful?
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What are the reasons for Buffett and Munger's success? In addition to constantly sticking to their investments, the most important thing is that both have invested a lot of time in reading. The Acquired Podcast has devoted three episodes of over ten hours to a detailed history of Warren Buffett and Munger's Berkshire Hathaway, from its beginnings to the present, and the links are attached.

In Warren Buffett's view, reading a lot every day is like compound interest, which eventually rolls up:

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  1. Buffett and Munger read over 500 pages of paper material every week.
  2. they go after facts, not opinions, so they do not read web pages.
  3. in addition to reading, they spend a lot of time thinking.
  4. when Munger was a poor lawyer, he asked himself who his most expensive client was. Finally he found out it was himself, so he billed himself first and then others every day.

Berkshire Hathaway Part I https://overcast.fm/+Faxl9ffQE

Berkshire Hathaway Part II https://overcast.fm/+FaxlLI5k8

Berkshire Hathaway Part III https://overcast.fm/+FaxmWtLFQ

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巴菲特和芒格成功的原因是什么?除了不断坚持自己的投资以外,最重要的恐怕就是两人都投入了大量时间去阅读。Acquired Podcast 做了三期总共时长超过十小时的节目专门介绍巴菲特和芒格的 Berkshire Hathaway 从发家至今的详细历史,非常值得推荐,链接放在最后。


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