Daily Productive Sharing 298 - Do Not Worry Your First Draft

Daily Productive Sharing 298 - Do Not Worry Your First Draft
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When we take a draft, we tend to obsess about how well it is written. Fernando Gros tells us not to worry about it:

  1. the purpose of the first draft is to record our ideas, and the emphasis is on speed, not quality.
  2. the more we write, the less we worry about the quality of the first draft.
  3. acknowledging that the first draft is not perfect is the first step.

This is very similar to resume writing, where many of our friends expect the first draft of the resume to be a hit, and just fill in the blanks according to a template. However, a truly effective resume is one that is revised. Our revised resumes have helped many of our friends to get interviews in big names. If you also want to have a more effective resume, please try our service

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More Thoughts on Writing First Drafts

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当我们打草稿时,往往纠结于写得好不好。Fernando Gros 告诉我们完全不用这么想。

  1. 初稿的作用是记录我们的想法,重在记录,而不是质量;
  2. 写得越多,也就越不担心初稿的质量;
  3. 承认初稿并不完美是第一步;


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