Daily Productive Sharing 302 - The Insights of Systems

Daily Productive Sharing 302 - The Insights of Systems
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We've featured the book Thinking in Systems in Weekly Book Club 006 - 20201121, and Will Larson really likes this book as well. After practicing a lot of systems thinking, he summarizes three suggestions:

  1. When your model and reality conflict, reality is always right
  2. Models are immutable, but reality isn’t
  3. Every model omits information; some omit critical information

Perhaps these truths are obvious, but we tend to ignore them. For example, when we write algorithms, we often ignore the importance of benchmark and then train blindly and iterate blindly there. It would be much more efficient to build a good benchmark in the first place and then always optimize around it. If you want to learn more about systems, you can refer to our previous sharing.

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How to Safely Think in Systems

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我们曾经在 Weekly Book Club 006 - 20201121 介绍过 Thinking in Systems 这本书,Will Larson 也非常喜欢这本书。在实践了很多系统性思考之后,他总结了三条建议:

  1. 当你的模型和现实发生冲突时,现实永远是正确的;
  2. 模型是不变的,但现实并非如此;
  3. 每个模型都会忽略信息;有些模型会忽略关键信息;