Daily Productive Sharing 303 - Infinite Games of Startups

Daily Productive Sharing 303 - Infinite Games of Startups
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Finite and Infinite Games is one of Wang Xing's (the founder of Meituan) favorite books, and creating infinite games is also one of his entrepreneurial philosophies. In Wang Xing's opinion, it's just one infinite game after another. He doesn't necessarily care about the final victory, but maybe just wants to keep expanding the territory. It's easy to understand why Meituan is putting more and more content unrelated to group buying into the same app. Now when you open Meituan, you think, "Is this a takeaway app, a taxi app, a booking app, or something else?

Channing Allen, founder of Indiehackers, also recently shared his thoughts on infinite games, but of course he focused on the bootstrap startup angle of the issue.

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Infinite Entrepreneurship

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Finite and Infinite Games 是王兴最喜欢的一本书之一,开创无限游戏也是他的创业哲学之一。饭否,校内,美团,在王兴看来,不过是一个又一个的无限游戏,他并一定在意最终的胜利,也许只是想不断地扩张版图。这样就很容易理解为啥美团把越来越多和团购不相关的内容都放到同一个 app 内。现在打开美团,你会想,这到底是一个外卖 app?打车 app?订票 app?还是其他?

Indiehackers 的创始人 Channing Allen 近期也分享了对于无限游戏的看法,当然他着眼于从 bootstrap 创业的角度来讨论这个问题。

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