Daily Productive Sharing 305 - The Disruptor of AWS

Daily Productive Sharing 305 - The Disruptor of AWS
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Last Friday's share was a Facebook crash report by Cloudflare, and today's share also introduces Cloudflare.

  1. AWS is the cornerstone of the entire cloud service, and S3 is one of the first storage products they brought to market.
  2. S3 provides users with cheap, reliable and easily scalable storage space, which can help users reduce the initial investment in website construction. It's like buying a house to build a website, but with S3, you don't have to buy a house, you can always rent from S3.
  3. although S3 storage prices are not high, data transfer in is free, but they set a very high price of data transfer out, so that the user can be locked in.
  4. Cloudflare launched R2 this storage product, aimed at S3, a little less than S3 are.
  5. Cloudflare, as a disruptor, targets the so-called new value networks, bottom-up to seize the market;
  6. Of course, this is not the first time Cloudflare target AWS, as early as July, they launched a number of cloud vendors jointly Bandwidth Alliance, to help users reduce bandwidth costs.

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Cloudflare's DIsruption

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上周五的分享是由 Cloudflare 带来的 Facebook 当机事故报告,今天的分享同样介绍了 Cloudflare。

  1. AWS 是整个云服务的奠基厂商,而 S3 这款存储产品是他们最早推向市场的产品之一。
  2. S3 为用户提供了便宜可靠且易于扩展的存储空间,可以帮助用户降低网站建设的前期投入。就好比原来建网站需要买房子,有了 S3 之后不用买房子,可以一直向 S3 租房。
  3. 尽管 S3 的存储价格不高,数据转入免费,但是他们设置了非常高昂的数据转出价格,这样就可以把用户锁定;
  4. 于是 Cloudflare 推出了 R2 这一存储产品,瞄准的就是 S3,比 S3 都少一点;
  5. Cloudflare 作为搅局者,采取了和拼多多一样的策略,即瞄准所谓的 new value networks,自下而上地抢占市场;
  6. 当然这并不是 Cloudflare 第一次瞄准 AWS 了,早在七月的时候,他们就联合多家云厂商发起了带宽联盟 (Bandwidth Alliance),帮助用户降低带宽成本。

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