Daily Productive Sharing 311 - Try What You Haven't Tried

Daily Productive Sharing 311 - Try What You Haven't Tried
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Today's share is from a list prepared by Milan Cvitkovic, a list of options that you have imagined but not tried. There are dozens of items in this list, and many of them make me feel the same way:

  1. For example, when I had a problem with my elbow last year, I tried many reputable hospitals but couldn't get a diagnosis, so I finally went to the best physiotherapy clinic in Shanghai, and the problem was confirmed in one visit, and the treatment was very effective. After moving to a new city, I basically go to a physiotherapy clinic here every week, and all kinds of minor ailments can be treated with in a timely manner.
  2. this year, I started to find a crossfit personal trainer to help me unlock all kinds of movements that I could not do before. so far, almost ten sessions, I have unlocked the double under and handstand, doubled the weight of the deadlift and doubled the weight of the back squat.

The best physiotherapy clinic in Shanghai is, of course, The Clinic. Eric, the owner, is a former physical therapist who treated Alex Honnold, and Andrea, the owner's wife, is a fantastic yoga teacher.

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今天的分享是来自 Milan Cvitkovic 准备的一份清单,这份清单里列出了你想象过但不曾实践的哪些选项。这份清单林林总总几十项,里面不少项目让我深有同感。

  1. 比如去年手肘出了问题,我尝试了多家三甲医院都无法确诊,最后找了上海最好的 physiotherapy clinic, 一次就确认了问题,后期的治疗也非常有效。搬到新城市之后,我基本每周都会去这边的 physiotherapy clinic 报道,各种小毛小病都能得到及时处理;
  2. 今年开始找了一个 crossfit 私教,帮助我解锁各种之前不会的动作,到目前差不多十节课,已经解锁了双摇和倒立,硬拉重量翻番,后蹲重量翻番。