Daily Productive Sharing 313 - Fix Writing Block

Daily Productive Sharing 313 - Fix Writing Block
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If you get stuck writing an article, Wes Kao suggests that you can record and distill your thoughts by sending a message to a friend:

  1. sending your distilled inspiration to your friend is easy to do, and as the receiving party can just listen without asking questions.
  2. of course friends are real readers themselves, so of course we will consider their feelings, which are more binding than sending messages to ourselves.

In fact, similarly, Telegram Channel can be used for this purpose:.

  1. limited by the mobile screen, we can only enter limited text.
  2. the audience of TG channel is strangers, but they are also readers, so we naturally consider their feelings.
  3. the TG channel is basically a one-way output, so we assume that these readers are just listening.

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The Texting Method: Get past writer’s block

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如果写文章卡住了怎么办?Wes Kao 建议可以通过朋友发消息的方式来把自己思路记录下来,并提炼出来:

  1. 把自己的灵感提炼出来发给朋友,作为接受的一方可以只是倾听,不必提问;
  2. 当然朋友本身也是真实的读者,所以我们当然会考虑他们的感受,这比给自己发消息更有约束;

其实类似的,也可以利用 Telegram Channel 来做这些:

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