Daily Productive Sharing 315 - How Does SCMP Excel at Data Visualization?

Daily Productive Sharing 315 - How Does SCMP Excel at Data Visualization?
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SCMP's data visualization team is well known in the industry, and they continue to produce a variety of great work to help readers understand the news more easily.
Jason Forrest spoke with a six-person team, which is full of characteristics:

  1. the team members come from all over the world and have different backgrounds, which helps provide different perspectives on the news. For example, someone is not a data expert, so through their perspective, they must first understand the data before they can interpret them. This significantly reduces the cost of understanding the visualization, and breaks the curse of knowledge.
  2. the team was independent of the news section, so they didn't have to depend on it to come up with data visualizations, and the editor-in-chief of SCMP didn't put pressure on them, so there was no pressure from Jack Ma.
  3. some works have strong effectiveness, and some works will have a long creation period; some works are realized by code, and some works are realized by sketches. So there is no restriction.

As for the data visualization itself, they also have their own unique insights:.

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  1. the storytelling itself is most important, the means by which the story is told is secondary.
  2. it is basically impossible for readers to understand if the visualization elucidates the meaning in a way that is difficult for them to understand.

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Interview with the South China Morning Post Infographics Team

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南早的数据可视化团队在业界享有盛名,他们持续不断地推出各种优秀作品,帮助读者更容易地理解新闻。Jason Forrest 采访了这一六人团队,这一团队非常有特点:

  1. 团队成员来自五湖四海,背景各异,这样有助于提供不同的新闻视角,比如有人不是数据专家,所以通过他们的视角,必须先弄懂数据,才能把它们阐释出来。大大降低了可视化的理解成本,也就破除了知识的诅咒
  2. 团队独立于新闻版,所以不必依附新闻版出数据可视化,而且南早的主编不曾给他们施加压力,所以也没有来自马老板的压力;
  3. 部分作品有很强的实效性,也有部分作品会有很长的创作周期;部分作品通过代码实现,也有部分作品通过手绘实现。所以不拘一格。


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