Daily Productive Sharing 316 - How to Say No in Your Life?

Daily Productive Sharing 316 - How to Say No in Your Life?
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Andrew Wilkinson, who founded Tiny Capital, known as the Berkshire of the investment world, has always said no in his life as CEO - how does he do it? In this interview, he talks about these aspects in detail:

  1. happiness: the pursuit of happiness is his philosophy of life, and everything revolves around this goal.
  2. networking: not to gain anything, but to build friendships and his reputation.
  3. mail delivery: using mailman allows mail to be displayed in the inbox only for a set period of time and not be disturbed by new mail the rest of the time.
  4. fasting: it helps to keep the mind clear. Think about that our ancestors were hungry when they were hunting, and only in this way they could stay focused.
  5. delegation: delegate your work in order to make yourself happy, and of course how to delegate is especially important.

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The CEO of No

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Andrew Wilkinson 创办的 Tiny Capital 被誉为投资界的 Berkshire。作为 CEO 的他一直坚持在生活中说不,他到底是如何做到的呢?在这篇访谈中他详细谈了这几个方面:

  1. happiness:追求快乐是他的生活哲学,所有的一切都围绕这一目标展开;
  2. networking:并不是为了获得什么,而是为了建立友谊,保持自己的名声;
  3. mail delivery:使用 mailman 可以让邮件只在设定的时间内在收件箱内展示,其余时间不会被新邮件所干扰;
  4. fasting:有助于保证头脑清醒,试想一下,我们的祖先在打猎时基本都是饿着肚子的,只有这样的情况下,他们才能保持专注;
  5. delegation:把自己的工作放手才能让自己快乐,当然如何放手尤其重要。

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