Daily Productive Sharing 317 - How to Get More Values From Reading?

Daily Productive Sharing 317 - How to Get More Values From Reading?
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Readwise is a tool we highly recommend, and today's interview comes from its founder Daniel Doyon. In this interview, he focuses on:

  1. reading is like investing, you can only get more value out of it if you lose less.
  2. that reviewing what he has read each morning helps him to get better value out of those readings.
  3. that when he writes, he starts by jotting down any points that come to mind, not paying attention to grammar or logic.

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We talked about the power of spaced repetition, how to use anti-goals, how to select what to read, the tension between institutional and industrial research, and more.

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Readwise 是我们非常推荐的一款工具,今天的访谈来自于它的创始人 Daniel Doyon。在这篇访谈里,他主要介绍了:

  1. 阅读就像投资一样,只有忘记得少,才能获得更多的价值;
  2. 每天早上回顾之前读过的内容帮助他更好地获得这些阅读的价值;
  3. 当他写作时,他会先随手写下想到的任何要点,并不在意语法和逻辑。

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