Daily Productive Sharing 318 - How to Write Successfully?

Daily Productive Sharing 318 - How to Write Successfully?
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Six weeks after Gergely Orosz opened his paid subscription, he received 1,000 subscribers (paying $150 per year), which is pretty impressive. In today's post he sums up why he has gained such a success in a short time (not so short, actually, he has been blogging for years and has published technical books), and following are the most important parts:

  • Writing on time: Make a schedule beforehand and then stick to it;
  • Writing as reflection: don't think about how many people will read it when you start writing, just treat it as your own reflection;
  • commenting is easier than being original: if you really can't write, try mimicking someone else's style, such as excerpting someone else's article and attaching your own comments;
  • recording at any time: if you are suffering from a lack of subject matter, then you may wish to record ideas as you go along, which is much more effective than struggling to think;
  • free-writing: once you have an idea, you can free-write it, ignoring grammar or logic for now and just recording your ideas;
  • Next day editing: don't rush to publish after the draft, wait until the next day to edit.

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How I Motivate Myself to Write

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Gergely Orosz 打开付费订阅的六周之后,就收到了1000个订阅用户(年付 $150),真是非常厉害。他在今天的文章里总结了自己为何短时间内获得大家的肯定(其实也不短了,他写博客好多年,而且出过技术书),其中最重要的几点:

  1. 按时写作
  2. 写作即反思
  3. 评论比原创容易
  4. 随时记录
  5. 自由写作
  6. 隔天编辑

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