Daily Productive Sharing 320 - What If Github Leaves China?

Daily Productive Sharing 320 - What If Github Leaves China?
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A few weeks ago, LinkedIn announced that it was shutting down its China site and would be releasing a separate app with no social features, and GitHub, which is owned by the same parent company, is facing a similar problem. Rest of World summaried opinions from various perspectives:

  1. There are two essential tools in a programmer's daily work, Github and StackOverflow, the former mainly for open source tools and the latter mainly for retrieving answers to technical questions. Both are indispensable and can be considered the programmer's right arm.
  2. 10% of users on Github are from mainland China, which is also the second largest market for Github, and these users have made great contributions to the open source movement.

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几周前,LinkedIn 宣布关闭中国站,会单独上架一款没有社交功能的 app。由同一家母公司持有的 GitHub 也面临类似的困扰,Rest of World 就此汇总了各方面的看法。

  1. 程序员的日常工作中必备两个工具,一个是 Github,一个是 StackOverflow,前者主要用于获取开源工具,后者主要用于检索技术问题的相关答案。两者缺一不可,可谓程序员的左臂右膀;
  2. Github 上有大约 10% 的用户来自中国大陆,中国大陆也是 Github 的第二大市场,这些用户对于开源运动做出了巨大贡献;

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