Daily Productive Sharing 321 - How to Prevent Burnout in Long Term?

Daily Productive Sharing 321 - How to Prevent Burnout in Long Term?
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How to prevent burnout is a topic we've been focusing on for a long time, and this article by Andrew Wulf is unique in that his advice looks at how to prevent burnout in such a long term dimension throughout his career. Looking beyond the present to the longer term, this article is particularly relevant for those just starting working:

  1. I don't do overtime, other than the occasional end of project time.
  2. I try to find a place that is compatible with how I like to work.
  3. Don't assume you always need to do the same thing over and over in the same industry, or even worse never leave your first job and just stick around.
  4. Sometimes you have to just stop and do something because you want to.
  5. Unless you own the company or have some massive amount of options or stock, do not be afraid to leave.
  6. You can't always start your own company but it's a great option to let you see what having to worry about business is like; often you get a new perspective on what an employer has to care about.
  7. Don't fear new technology or changes in the industry.

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How I’ve Avoided Burnout During More Than 3 Decades As A Programmer

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如何防止职业倦态 (burnout) 是我们一直关注的话题,Andrew Wulf 的这篇文章别具一格,他的建议着眼于整个职业生涯,如何从这么长的维度来防止职业倦态。跳出当下,着眼于长线,这篇文章特别适合刚刚投入职场的朋友:

  1. 不加班;
  2. 找到一个与我的工作方式契合的地方;
  3. 不要以为你总是需要在同一个行业里重复做同样的事情,更糟的是,永远不离开你的第一份工作;