Daily Productive Sharing 323 - How Does David Perell Write?

Daily Productive Sharing 323 - How Does David Perell Write?
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SuperOrgniser posted an interview of David Perell:

  1. there is a concept of entropy in information theory, i.e. the greater the amount of information, the higher the entropy; in the case of writing, the more surprising the text, the higher the entropy.
  2. the essence of good writing is to explain difficult truths in a clear and concise way, like Picasso's painting.
  3. that the first thing he does every morning is to write for ninety minutes, no matter what to write, and write enough for ninety minutes before he does anything else.
  4. writing is like the combination of Lego and Sudoku: we first write down a little bit of thought, like Lego blocks, and then vacate them to the right place, just like Sudoku solving.
  5. Like Daniel Doyon, David Perell writes down the main points first regardless of logic or grammar Daily Productive Sharing 317 - 20211102

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How David Perell Writes an Essay

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SuperOrgniser 最近采访了 David Perell:

  1. 信息论中有一个熵的概念,即信息量越大,熵越高;如果就写作而言,带给人越多惊喜的文本,熵也就越高;
  2. 好的写作本质是把难懂的道理用简明扼要的方式阐释,就像毕加索作画一般;
  3. 每天早上做的第一件事是写作九十分钟,不管写什么,写够九十分钟再去做其他事;
  4. 写作就像乐高与数独的结合:我们先写下一点点思路,就像乐高的积木块一般,然后把它们腾挪到合适的位置,就像数独解密一般。

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