Daily Productive Sharing 324 - How Does David Perell Write In Details?

Daily Productive Sharing 324 - How Does David Perell Write In Details?
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This is David Perell's extremely detailed guide to writing on the web, and it may take more than an hour to read.

  1. Rather than being familiar with writing for the web, David Perell has carefully built a complete online writing system, including these subsystems: the idea gathering system, the feedback system, the writing system, and the distribution system. The subsystems complement each other to make David Perell's successful online writing career.
  2. In the idea gathering system, David will try an idea again and again, get feedback through different channels, and finally write and publish the verified idea as an article.
  3. This feedback system includes friends, Twitter followers, email subscribers, etc., and different groups will generate a lot of feedback, which David further uses to improve the quality of his writing and determine his next topic.
  4. In the writing system, David is also very attentive, waking up every day and writing for ninety minutes without doing anything else. In the initial draft stage, he was only concerned with getting his ideas down, and waited until editing time to put them in careful order.
  5. As for the communication system, he attaches great importance to Twitter as a platform. Only if the communication and promotion is well done, it is possible for more people to read his articles.

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

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昨天的推荐是 David Perell 接受 SuperOrgniser 的访谈,而今天的推荐是来自 David Perell 总结的网络写作指南,极其详尽,可能需要超过一个小时才能读完。

  1. 与其说 David Perell 熟悉网络写作,不如说他认真打造了整个网络写作系统,包括这几个子系统:创意搜集系统,反馈系统,写作系统,传播系统。各个子系统相辅相成,才成就了 David Perell 成功的网络写作事业;
  2. 在创意搜集系统里,David 会反复尝试一个创意,通过不同的渠道来获取反馈,最终将磨练出来的创意写成文章发布;
  3. 而这个反馈系统包括好友,Twitter followers,邮件订阅用户等等,不同的群体会产生很多反馈,David 进一步使用这些反馈提高自己的写作质量,确定下一个选题;
  4. 在写作系统中,David 也十分用心,每天起床后就会写作九十分钟,什么事也不干。在最初的草稿阶段,他只关心把自己的创意记录下来,等到编辑时,才把他们仔细整理;
  5. 至于传播系统,在精不在多,他十分看重 Twitter 这一平台。只有传播推广做得好,才有可能让更多的人读到他的文章。

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