Daily Productive Sharing 325 - Buy, buy, buy!

Daily Productive Sharing 325 - Buy, buy, buy!
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How do you invest? Nick Maggiulli uses data to prove that it's all about three words: buy buy buy.

  1. keep buying, don't sell.
  2. sell only to rebalance, or sell when you retire.
  3. invest like you buy groceries, and invest like you pay your utility bills.
  4. don't worry too much about buying and falling, as long as you don't sell, there is still a possibility to earn back.

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Just Keep Buying

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如何投资? Nick Maggiulli 用数据证明,就是三个字:买买买。

  1. 不断地买入,不要卖出;
  2. 只有为了再平衡才卖出,或者退休了才卖出;
  3. 要像买菜一样地投资,要像交水电费那样地投资;
  4. 不要太担心买了就跌,只要你不卖出,就还有可能赚回来。