Daily Productive Sharing 327 - How to Self Learn Systemically?

Daily Productive Sharing 327 - How to Self Learn Systemically?
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Tiago Forte discusses learning after leaving school, and he regards the whole of learning as a system:

  1. in a system, bottlenecks are dynamic. When we remove the bottleneck in the moment, another bottleneck may appear in another part of the system, so we need to keep adjusting to remove one bottleneck after another.
  2. very often, these bottlenecks do not lie in you per se, but depend on the environment you are in, so changing your context can remove quite a few bottlenecks.
  3. that we cannot change others, but it is possible to change others to perceive the context.
  4. true listening requires letting go of all preconceptions.

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The Throughput of Learning

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Tiago Forte 讨论了离开学校之后的学习,他把整个学习当作一个系统来看待:

  1. 在一个系统中,瓶颈是动态的。当我们消除了当下的瓶颈,另一个瓶颈可能出现在系统中的另一处,所以我们需要不断地调整来消除一个又一个瓶颈;
  2. 很多时候,这些瓶颈并不在于你本身,而依赖你所处的环境,所以改变你的环境就能消除不少瓶颈;
  3. 我们无法改变他人,但是有可能改变他人重新认识他们所处的环境;
  4. 真正的倾听需要放下所有成见。

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