Daily Productive Sharing 328 - How to Write in An Energetic Way?

Daily Productive Sharing 328 - How to Write in An Energetic Way?
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Shawn Blanc, editor-in-chief of The Sweet Setup, shared his writing workflow, and a few of the points were revealing:

  1. time allocation: he allocates specific time to search for inspiration, edit drafts, and write, and doesn't mix the three.
  2. recording on the fly: since he mainly uses iPad and Ulysses to write, he use their features to record inspiration on the fly.
  3. energy allocation: because of the first point, when he doesn't have the energy to write, he spends his time editing drafts, so he makes good use of his time and energy.

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Shawn Blanc’s Writing Process: From Idea to Published

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The Sweet Setup 的主编 Shawn Blanc 分享了自己的写作工作流,其中几点很有启示性:

  1. 时间分配:他分配特定的时间去搜寻灵感,去编辑草稿,去写作,并没有把三者混为一谈;
  2. 随手记录:由于他主要使用 iPad 和 Ulysses 来写作,所以他借助了两者的特性来随手记录灵感;
  3. 精力分配:因为第一条的区分,当他没有精力写作时,就把时间花在编辑草稿上,这样他很好地利用了自己的时间和精力。

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