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Daily Productive Sharing 330 - How to Learn by Following Others?

Daily Productive Sharing 330 - How to Learn by Following Others?
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Traditional learning is divided by discipline, but on the Internet, we can move away from this traditional way of learning, and David Perell suggests that we can have so called people-driven learning, which has several advantages:

  1. a select group of subjects like Trader Joe's, where it is easier to learn the essence of the subject with fewer detours.
  2. for example, note taking tools like Obsidian / Meta support public posting of notes, which is perfect for this type of learning.

Our sharing is essentially this same type of people-driven learning, where we share new content we learn through the content we prepare each day. We hope it will be helpful to you.

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People-Driven Learning

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传统的学习是按照学科划分的,但是在互联网上,我们可以不再沿袭这一传统学习方式。David Perell 建议我们可以追随他人来学习,这样有几个好处:

  1. 就像 Trader Joe 那样的精选产品,追随他们学习,可以更容易学习到精髓,少走弯路;
  2. 比如像 Obsidian / Meta 这样的笔记工具都支持将笔记公开发布,非常适合这种学习方式;


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