Daily Productive Sharing 331 - How to Reduce Cellphone Usage?

Daily Productive Sharing 331 - How to Reduce Cellphone Usage?
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We spend a lot of time on our phones, and as a result, more and more of our time is being taken away. Nesslabs interviewed the developers of Unpluq, an app that helps people spend less time on their phones by reducing message triggers and increasing the cost of app usage.

  1. the root cause of cell phones invading on our time is our unconscious habit, which of course is related to the design philosophy of many apps, so it is hard to change such habit.
  2. Smartphones were invented to improve our quality of life, for example, map and navigation apps can greatly facilitate our life, and we don't indulge in such tool apps. However, most of our time is consumed by social media/dating/news apps, so we need to distinguish these apps.

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Take control over your smartphone usage with Jorn Rigter, co-founder of Unpluq

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我们平时会花大把时间在手机上,因而被侵占的时间也越来越多。数字极简主义,dumb phone 等概念层出不穷,试图帮人们把被手机侵占的时间夺回来。Nesslabs 采访了 Unpluq 的开发者,文章介绍了 Unpluq 这款 app 通过减少消息触发,增加 app 使用成本等方式来帮助人们减少手机的使用时间。

  1. 手机侵占我们时间的根本原因是我们的无意识习惯,这当然与许多 app 的开发理念相关,所以我们很难改变这样的习惯。
  2. 智能手机的发明本身是为了提高我们的生活质量,比如地图导航类的工具 app 可以大大方便我们的生活。我们也不会沉溺于这种工具类的 app,而消耗我们时间的大部分是社交媒体/约会/新闻等大类的 app,所以我们要区分这些 app。

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