Daily Productive Sharing 333 - How to Get Ideas?

Daily Productive Sharing 333 - How to Get Ideas?
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How to get ideas is always a challenge. David Perell offers his own insights on how to get inspired, a few of which are very constructive:

  1. there is no rush to get inspiration, the more you rush, the less you get.
  2. spending time in social media is not very helpful to get inspiration, reading books may be more thought provoking.
  3. getting inspiration is actually a systematic project, instead of expecting inspiration to suddenly come to you, why not slowly accumulate and build a system to capture inspiration?

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How to Maximize Creativity

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如何获得灵感一直是创作的难题。David Perell 给出了自己的见解,其中的几条非常有建设性:

  1. 获取灵感急不得,越是着急越是得不到;
  2. 沉浸于社交媒体对于获取灵感的帮助不大,阅读书籍或许更能引发思考;
  3. 获取灵感其实也是一个系统工程,与其期待灵感突然找上门来,不如慢慢积累,建立系统捕获灵感。

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