Daily Productive Sharing 335 - How Can Microsoft Win in Metaverse?

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Ben Thompson shares his thoughts on the recent buzz about metaverse.

  1. that the Internet itself is the metaverse, so metaverse is nothing new.
  2. our digital presence is separated from physical presence, and Covid accelerates that separation. This is best exemplified by remote work, for example, where all the work happens in the same digital location, even though no one is working in the same physical location.
  3. any metaverse dominated by companies/agencies will not go further.
  4. the biggest market of the metaverse will be the office market, not the gaming market as previously thought.
  5. Facebook changing its name to Meta was inevitable, because no one wanted to take a social media app to work.
  6. Microsoft is the first of all companies that might make a dent in the metaverse, because its Teams is a metaverse platform, and tools like Office provide broader support, an advantage that other Silicon Valley companies don't have.
  7. that Meta's chances are not as good as Microsoft's because Meta only has Oculus and no ecology of its own.
  8. Apple's focus is on AR, not VR, and Apple's ecology is not as open as Microsoft's, so Microsoft's opportunity is still greater.

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Microsoft and the Metaverse

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Ben Thompson 分享了他对最近大火的元宇宙的看法:

  1. 互联网本身即元宇宙,所以元宇宙并不是什么新鲜事物;
  2. 数字存在与物理存在分离,Covid 加速了这一分离。比如远程工作就是最好的例证,虽然大家都不在同一个物理地点办公,但所有的工作都发生同一个数字地点。
  3. 无为而治成就了互联网,所以元宇宙也会如此,任何由公司/机构主导的元宇宙都走不远;
  4. 元宇宙最大的市场会是办公市场,而不是先前大家认为的游戏市场。

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