Daily Productive Sharing 337 - How to Persist?

Daily Productive Sharing 337 - How to Persist?
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff describes her secret to long-term writing consistency (flexible consistency), an approach that has several elements that we present in the context of our practice with this newsletter:

  1. anticipating interruptions in advance: we anticipated in advance that we would not be able to write every day, so we adjusted to writing in advance and publishing every day.
  2. sticking to the plan, but being able to adjust the scope each time: each issue is published according to the working day schedule, but the length of specific recommended articles depends on how much time we have to prepare.
  3. set aside a specific time in advance, but can be adjusted according to the situation: our arrangement is to be ready by every Sunday for the release of the next five issues, but sometimes it can't be done and can only be adjusted to be ready before the release of each issue.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 介绍了她如何长期坚持写作的秘诀 -- 灵活的坚持 (flexible consistency),这一办法有几个要素,我们结合本电子报的实践来介绍:

  1. 事先就预期会有中断:我们事先就预料到做不到每天写作,所以调整为提前写作,每天发布;
  2. 坚持计划,但是可以调整每次的角度:每期的发布都是按照工作日时间安排的,但是具体推荐文章的长短看我们有多少时间准备;
  3. 预先留出特定时间,但是可以根据情况调整:我们的安排是每周日之前准备好下周五篇的发布,但有时做不到,只能调整为每期发布前准备好。

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