Daily Productive Sharing 338 - How to Succeed With Blogging?

Daily Productive Sharing 338 - How to Succeed With Blogging?
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Jeff Atwood, who runs one of the most successful programmer's blogs, Coding Horror, sums up his success: keep writing.

  1. write according to a pre-determined plan, no matter what.
  2. maybe some of themn are high quality, maybe some of them aren't, it doesn't matter, just keep writing.

This article was written by Jeff in 2007, and I started reading his blog around that time, but I didn't expect that more than a decade had passed. Unfortunately, I only started running this newsletter in earnest last year.

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Jeff Atwood 经营着最成功的程序员 blog 之一 -- Coding Horror。他总结了自己成功的经验:不停地写。

  1. 不管如何,按照事先的计划写;
  2. 也许有些质量高,也许有些不尽如人意,没关系,尽管写。

仔细一看,这篇文章是 Jeff 2007年写的,我差不多也是那个时候开始看他的 blog,没想到一晃十多年过去了。遗憾的是,我从去年才开始认真经营这份电子报。最近的实验是把每周五篇集结成周报发在少数派专栏上,没想到坚持20周之后,已经成为订阅数前五的专栏。

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