Daily Productive Sharing 339 - How to Make Wealth?

Daily Productive Sharing 339 - How to Make Wealth?
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Today's share introduces nine categories of wealth creation, well, not the ones written in the criminal law:

  1. Move things from one place to another.
  2. Store things.
  3. Transform things, either chemically or mechanically.
  4. Farm.
  5. Build buildings.
  6. Extract natural resources from the earth or space.
  7. Cure disease, or at least ameliorate the symptoms.
  8. Find entirely new ways of doing any of the above more efficiently or effectively.
  9. Provide people with useful information.
    9a. Help match supply and demand.
    9b. Help people figure out the rules.
    9c. Provide information that is useful in and of itself.

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  1. 把东西从一个地方移到另一个地方;
  2. 储存东西;
  3. 以化学或物理方式转化事物;
  4. 农业;
  5. 建筑业;

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