Daily Productive Sharing 340 - Another Forerunner of Metaverse

Daily Productive Sharing 340 - Another Forerunner of Metaverse
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Last week we shared Ben Thompson's analysis of Microsoft's emergence as the leader of the Metaverse, and today's analysis is also related to the Metaverse, but with Discord. If you don't know much about the company, a simple analogy would be the Slack of gaming, but that analogy only applies to the fledgling Discord, which is now much more than a simple social network, as Packy McCormick explains in this extremely detailed analysis Discord's past, present and future:

  1. Like Slack, Discord started with developing games. After that path didn't work out, they shifted their focus to the game chat module they had previously developed, and based on that functionality, they developed what you see today as Discord.
  2. Discord was extremely easy to get started, for example, you only had to register an account and you could use it on different servers, unlike Slack, where you had to register a separate account for each company you logged into, so Discord's user base grew very quickly.
  3. When Discord was first developed, they didn't know how to attract traffic, so Ithey made tried on Reddit. Then Reddit users went to see that the developers was on Discord, so they ran back to Reddit and pulled more users to use it.
  4. Discord opened up bot development, so developers could profit from it, and more developers developed more bots, so there are more than 3 million bots on Discord, far more than Slack, and these bots also greatly facilitate users to use Discord.

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上周我们分享了 Ben Thompson 的分析,他认为微软会成为元宇宙 (Metaverse) 的领军厂商。今天的分析也和元宇宙有关,不过故事的主角是 Discord。如果你不太了解这家公司的话,一个简单的类比就是游戏界的 Slack。当然这个类比只适用于刚诞生的 Discord,现在的它早已不是一个简单的社交网络,Packy McCormick 这篇极其详尽的分析梳理了 Discord 的过去,现在和未来:

  1. 与 Slack 类似,Discord 也是开发游戏起家。做游戏不顺利之后,他们就把重心转移到之前开发的游戏聊天模块,基于这一功能,他们发展出了现在大家看到的 Discord;
  2. Discord 上手极其简单,比如只要注册一个账号,就可以在不同的服务器上使用;而 Slack 则不一样,每登陆一个公司需要单独注册账号,所以 Discord 的用户增长非常快;
  3. Discord 刚开发出来的时候,不知道如何引流,努力了半天跑去 Reddit 发帖。然后 Reddit 的用户跑去一看,原来开发者就在 Discord,于是跑回 Reddit 拉了更多的用户来使用;
  4. Discord 开放了 bot 开发,开发者可以以此获利,从而更多的开发者开发更多的 bot,所以 Discord 上有超过三百万个 bot ,远远超过 Slack。而这些 bot 也极大地方便用户使用 Discord。

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