Daily Productive Sharing 342 - How to Prioritize?

Daily Productive Sharing 342 - How to Prioritize?
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Fadeke Adegbuyi introduced how to prioritize in a detailed way:

  1. we need align our short terms goals with the long term one;
  2. health is the foundation, and sleeping is the foundation of the foundation;
  3. prioritizing without deprioritizing is not possible;
  4. we can record nice comments from others, and check them while we feel down;
  5. we can prioritize by collecting all todos into one place;
  6. Prioritizing often means seeing things through rather than giving up at the first sign of a challenge;

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Fadeke Adegbuyi 详细介绍了如何确定优先次序。

  1. 我们需要将短期目标与长期目标统一起来。
  2. 健康是基础,而睡眠是基础的基础。
  3. 不分轻重缓急地确定优先次序是不可能的。
  4. 我们可以记录别人对我们的好评,并在自己心情不好的时候查看。
  5. 我们可以通过将所有待办事项收集到一个地方来确定优先次序。
  6. 分清轻重缓急往往意味着把事情做完,而不是一遇到困难就放弃。

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