Daily Productive Sharing 343 - How to Recall Actively?

Daily Productive Sharing 343 - How to Recall Actively?
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Daniel Doyon introduces two methods: spaced repetition and active recall with Readwise:

  1. a great deal of knowledge is in nonfiction books, but only a tiny fraction of it is remembered and used by the reader.
  2. the secret to reducing forgetting is to create and use a recall system, of which active recall is an important part.
  3. the core of using these methods is to force us to think actively, rather than just read passively.
  4. the frequency of recall is related to the strength of our memory: if we remember more, we can recall less frequently, and vice versa.

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如何有效利用读书笔记?Daniel Doyon 结合 Readwise 介绍了两个方法:spaced repetition 和 active recall:

  1. 大量的知识都在书本中, 但是只有极小的一部人被读者记住并运用;
  2. 减少遗忘的秘诀是建立并使用回顾系统,active recall 正是回顾系统中的重要一环;
  3. 使用这些方法的核心是迫使我们主动思考,而不仅仅是被动阅读;
  4. 回顾的频次和我们的记忆强度相关:如果我们记得多,就可以降低回顾频次,反之亦然。

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