Daily Productive Sharing 345 - What Do We Learn From COVID?

Daily Productive Sharing 345 - What Do We Learn From COVID?
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Steven Johnson reflects on what COVID will leave behind for humanity.

  1. in the United States, COVID has caused as many casualties in four months as HIV did in the first eight years;
  2. that it took 13 years after the Spanish pandemic for humans to detect that it was a viral disease, while it took only 20 days to discover the COVID virus after its outbreak;
  3. the first large-scale application of an mRNA vaccine was in COVID, while vaccines for HIV and malaria, also based on mRNA technology, are already in development;
  4. our next generation will treat this epidemic as the norm and thus better protect themselves; just as people who experienced SARS in 2003 started to protect themselves much sooner at the very beginning of COVID.

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Steven Johnson 反思 COVID 会给人类留下什么:

  1. 在美国,COVID 在四个月内夺去的生命,等于 HIV 前八年夺去的生命;
  2. 人类在西班牙大流感发生后的13年才确定这是由病毒引起的疾病,而发现 COVID 病毒只用了20天;
  3. mRNA 疫苗第一次大规模应用就是在 COVID 中,而同样基于 mRNA 技术的 HIV 和疟疾疫苗已经在开发中;
  4. 我们的下一代会把这种疫情当作常态,从而更好地保护自己;就像经历过2003年 SARS 的人们在 COVID 一开始的时候就更快地开始保护自己那样。

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