Daily Productive Sharing 350 - How Does Amazon Combat Supply Chain Chaos?

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Why is it that Amazon is the only one that can deliver consistently when the global supply chain continues to deteriorate, as Ben Thompson combines recent Bloomberg and CNBC reports on Amazon's own supply chain to provide a more detailed explanation:

  1. as early as 2016, Amazon began to get involved in the freight forwarding business, that is, locking up a large amount of container capacity in advance, and then reselling the spare capacity to other buyers who need it.
  2. this idea is similar to that of AWS, which was initially established to meet Amazon's own computing power demand, but this has a lot of fluctuations, so Amazon will open up the spare computing power, which also became the business of AWS.
  3. a similar idea is also reflected in the bandwidth purchased by Amazon, which is described in detail in the previous article by Cloudflare . Daily Productive Sharing 305 - 20211015

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iPhone 断货,PS5 买不到,在全球供应链持续恶化的当下,唯独 Amazon 还能稳定地提供,这是为什么呢?Ben Thompson 结合了最近 Bloomberg 和 CNBC 对 Amazon 自有供应链的报道,作出了更详尽的解读:

  1. 早在2016年,Amazon 就开始涉足货运代理业务,即提前锁定大量集装箱运力,然后将闲余运力转卖给其他需要的买家。
  2. 上面这个思路和 AWS 的思路类似。AWS 最初的建立是满足 Amazon 自己的算力需求,但是这个有很大的波动,所以 Amazon 将闲余的算力开放出来,也就成为了 AWS 这一业务。
  3. 类似的思路也体现在 Amazon 购买的带宽上,这在之前的 Cloudflare 文章中有详细的介绍。Daily Productive Sharing 305 - 20211015

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