Daily Productive Sharing 351 - How to Eat a Frog?

Daily Productive Sharing 351 - How to Eat a Frog?
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Today we are sharing a simple and effective way to manage time: Eat the Frog, which simply means that if you are going to eat one frog, try to eat it in the morning; if you are going to eat two frogs, eat the bigger one first. In other words, if you want to do something challenging, try to do it in the morning; if you want to do two challenging things, try to do the more difficult one first.

  1. we always overestimate what can be done in a short time and underestimate what can be done in a long time. It's like we can't tell the difference between wall clock time and calendar time. Eat the Frog helps us focus on the important tasks in a short period of time, and as long as we can keep accomplishing those short tasks, we can accumulate the success of growth time. This is very similar to Agile in software development.
  2. like Twilio's guideline: Our goal every day is to suck less than we did yesterday. If we can change a little bit every day, then over time it will add up to more.
  3. the morning after we wake up is when we have the most energy, so scheduling the most important things at that time makes it easier to achieve them.
  4. similarly, after we wake up in the morning is when there are the least outside distractions, so we can schedule our time more freely.

How to practive Eat the Frog?

  1. Decide on your frog
  2. Pick something you'll be able to complete in 1-4 hours
  3. Break it down into smaller steps if needed
  4. Resist the temptation to plan ahead
  5. Prepare your frog the night before
  6. Eat your frog first thing

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今天分享的是一条简单有效的时间管理方式:Eat the Frog。简单来说就是:如果你要吃一只青蛙的话,尽量在早上吃;如果你要吃两只青蛙的话,先吃大的那只。也就是说,如果你要做一件有挑战的事,那么尽量放在早上做;如果要做两件有挑战的事,尽量先做更难的那件事。

  1. 我们总是高估短时间内能完成的事,并且低估长时间能完成的事。就像我们无法区分挂钟时间和日历时间一样。而 Eat the Frog 帮助我们聚焦短时间内的重要任务,只要我们能够不断地完成这些短时间内的任务,就能积累成长时间的成功。这点和软件开发中的 Agile 非常相似;
  2. 就像 Twilio 的指导方针那样:Our goal every day is to suck less than we did yesterday. 如果我们每天能够改变一点,那么长此以往就会积少成多;
  3. 早上起床之后是我们精力最旺盛的时候,所以把最重要的事安排在这时,更容易实现;
  4. 类似的,早上起床之后也是外界干扰最少的时候,所以我们可以更自由地安排时间。

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至于如何践行 Eat the Frog,这儿有六个关键步骤:

  1. 决定你的青蛙
  2. 选择你能在1-4小时内完成的项目
  3. 有必要的话,把它分解成更小的步骤
  4. 抵制提前计划的诱惑
  5. 前一天晚上准备好你的青蛙
  6. 第一件事就是吃你的青蛙

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