Daily Productive Sharing 354 - How Does Apple Innovate??

Daily Productive Sharing 354 - How Does Apple Innovate??
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As a hardware and software company, how does Apple work efficiently internally? Today's sharing dissects how Apple's structure has changed over the last 20 years:

  1. Apple is not a company where general managers oversee managers; rather, it is a company where experts lead experts.
  2. Any management is expected to practice the following three principles:
  3. deep expertise.
  4. an unparalleled attention to detail.
  5. a willingness to discuss and collaborate with other departments.
  6. deep expertise means that management has a deep enough understanding of the line of business they lead.
  7. an unparalleled pursuit of detail means that management has a thorough understanding of the details of the three levels below the person to whom they report directly.
  8. because Apple divides its business lines by function, cross-business line collaboration is commonplace.

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作为一家软硬件通吃的公司,Apple 如何在内部高效地协作?今天的分享剖析了 Apple 近20年来的架构变化:

  1. Apple 是一家由专家领导专家的公司。
  2. 任何管理层都要践行以下三条:
  3. 深入的专业知识;
  4. 对细节的无比追求;
  5. 愿意与其他部门一起讨论合作;
  6. 深入的专业知识是指管理层要对自己领导的业务线有足够深入的理解;
  7. 对细节的追求是指管理层要透彻了解直接汇报对象以下三层的细节;
  8. 因为 Apple 是按照功能划分业务线,所以跨业务线的合作就是家常便饭。

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