Daily Productive Sharing 355 - How Does Stripe Succeed?

Daily Productive Sharing 355 - How Does Stripe Succeed?
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If you pay for our newsletter, you may have noticed that we use Stripe as our payment method, and today's share comes from Molly Sloan, which breaks down the four main factors that make Stripe successful:

  1. solve a real problem;
  2. obsess over customer experience;
  3. have a vision of the future;
  4. read books... lots of book.

The Collison brothers' favorite book is The Dream Machine by M. Mitchell Waldrop.

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如果你付费订阅了我们的电子报的话,你可能会发现我们使用的支付方式是 Stripe。今天的分享来自 Molly Sloan,这篇文章分析了 Stripe 成功的四大因素:

  1. 解决一个真正的问题。
  2. 执着于提升客户体验。
  3. 拥有未来的愿景。
  4. 阅读......读大量的书。

Collison 兄弟最喜欢的书是 M. Mitchell Waldrop 写的 The Dream Machine

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