Daily Productive Sharing 363 - 9 Questions to be Answered By Tech Industry in 2022

Daily Productive Sharing 363 - 9 Questions to be Answered By Tech Industry in 2022
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Benedict Evans started the new year by asking nine questions about the tech industry, some of which are well worth thinking about.

  1. Although digital currency has been developed for many years, what practical problems can its underlying blockchain technology solve?
  2. we have transitioned from complex cars with simple software to simple cars with complex software (electric cars).
  3. the electric car may be a better car, but the iPhone was not a better Blackberry when it was created, it was a completely different phone.
  4. in these nine areas, Ben did not mention AI alone.
  5. But he did mention three issues in particular about the future of China's technology industry, especially the last one:
First, Chinese consumer tech has become a well of ideas for other people, especially other ecommerce and social media companies in other parts of the world, to go and copy.
Second, can the companies themselves go global? By default no (WeChat), but sometimes yes, with the right approach (TikTok), and does the current crackdown make Chinese companies look more aggressively for less regulated foreign opportunities, or focus on their home market?
And third, if China really does becomes uninvestable, where else does that capital go?

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Benedict Evans 在新年伊始提出了科技业九个方面的问题,其中一些问题非常值得我们思考:

  1. 尽管数字货币已经发展了很多年,但是它底层的区块链技术能解决什么实际问题?
  2. 我们已经从具备简单软件的复杂汽车过渡到了具备复杂软件的简单汽车(电动车)。
  3. 电动车可能是更好的汽车,但是 iPhone 诞生之时可不是更好的黑莓,而是完全不同的手机。
  4. 在这九大方面里,Ben 没有单独提及 AI。
  5. 不过他特别提到了中国科技业未来的三个问题,特别是最后一个:
  6. 中国的消费科技非常值得其他地区的同行学习;
  7. 中国的消费科技公司是否会走向全球市场?特别是在监管加剧的情况下;
  8. 如果中国市场变得不值得投资,那么这些资金应该投向哪里?

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