Daily Productive Sharing 368 - An Annual Review by David Perell

Daily Productive Sharing 368 - An Annual Review by David Perell
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David Perell also brings his annual summary, which has a lot of insights beyond the basic review and is well worth reading.

  1. platforms' algorithms have their own preference, and creators need to choose between them if they want to maintain their taste.
  2. people usually take their vacations in the winter and summer, so it's best to avoid these two times of year if you want to deliver an online course.
  3. readers who are willing to read long texts are usually the most loyal readers, and may even become real-life friends.
  4. one of the major essentials of deep reading is to cut off the Internet.
  5. publishing a weekly newsletter will force us to keep up the pace of our writing.

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David Perell 也带来了他的年度总结。这篇文章除了基本的回顾以外,还有不少真知灼见,非常值得一读。

  1. 平台的算法具有自己的倾向性,创作者要想保持自己的品味,就需要在两者之间做出选择;
  2. 人们通常在冬天夏天休假, 所以要开网课的话,最好避开这两个时间段;
  3. 愿意阅读长文的读者,通常是最忠实的读者,甚至可能变成现实生活中的朋友;
  4. 深度阅读的一大要领就是切断网络;
  5. 每周发布电子报会强迫我们保持写作的节奏。

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