Daily Productive Sharing 374 - How to Negotiate Your Salary?

Daily Productive Sharing 374 - How to Negotiate Your Salary?
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Patrick McKenzie wrote a very detailed article on how to negotiate salary, and it is said that after reading this article, your salary can be increased by 20% :)

  1. a package includes wages, health insurance, vacation, allowances, etc.
  2. the cost of employing an employee is about twice the of the basic salary, so the request to raise part of the salary, for the total cost is actually a small number.
  3. the worst outcome of salary negotiation is to accept the salary offered by the hiring party, so don't be afraid to negotiate salary.
  4. in short, the fundamental point of salary negotiation is never to show your cards first.

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Patrick McKenzie 写了一篇非常详尽的文章来介绍如何谈判薪资,据说读完这篇文章,你的薪资能大涨20%:)

  1. 所谓的 package 包括工资,医保,假期,补贴等等;
  2. 公司雇佣一位员工所付出的成本大约是 ta 工资的两倍,所以要求提高一部分工资,对于总成本而言其实是一个小数字;
  3. 薪资谈判最差的结果就是接受雇佣方开出的薪资,所以不要害怕谈薪资;
  4. 总而言之,谈薪资最核心的一点就是永远不要先摊牌。


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