Daily Productive Sharing 376 - Why Does Our Focus Disappear?

Daily Productive Sharing 376 - Why Does Our Focus Disappear?
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Johann Hari recently published Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention, a book that discusses the growing lack of attention. In Johann's view.

  1. the problem is a social problem, not merely an individual's problem;
  2. our attention is not diminishing, but is being taken up by different channels;
  3. the attention shifts that we have taken for granted are actually causing a very large loss of attention, almost 20%.
  4. we need to treat the problem of attention deficit as we do global warming.

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Johann Hari 最近出版了 Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention 这本书,讨论了日益缺失的注意力这一问题。在 Johann 看来:

  1. 这一问题是一个社会性问题,而不仅仅是个人问题;
  2. 我们的注意力不是减少了,而是被各种不同的渠道占用了;
  3. 我们已经习以为常的注意力转换,其实造成的注意力损失非常大,差不多有20%;
  4. 我们需要像对待全球变暖一样,来对待注意力缺失这一问题。

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