Daily Productive Sharing 377 - Why Does Typing Matter?

Daily Productive Sharing 377 - Why Does Typing Matter?
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Brian Lovin describes rapid typing as an important skill:

  1. the primary purpose of typing is to get ideas down in as little time as possible.
  2. that when typing a draft, getting one's thoughts down as much as possible is akin to vomiting
  3. if we need to use the mouse or touchpad, it means we are not using the shortcut keys, so we can try to find the corresponding shortcut keys and remember them.

Here are some important combinations of shortcuts that Brian mentioned:

  • Option + arrow keys - traverses text, either between words, lines, or paragraphs.
  • Shift + arrow keys - selects a range of characters
  • Shift + option + arrow keys - selects a range of words or lines of text
  • Command + arrow keys - jumps to the start/end of a line, or the start/end of the document
  • Command + shift + arrow keys - selects all text in a line or document
  • Option + backspace - deletes a word
  • Command + backspace - deletes all text on the line before the cursor

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Brian Lovin 介绍了快速打字是一项重要技能:

  1. 打字的首要目的就是将想法记录下来的时间尽可能减少;
  2. 打草稿的时候,要尽可能地把自己的想法记录下来,就像呕吐一样;
  3. 如果需要用到鼠标或者触摸板,就意味着我们没有用到快捷键,所以我们可以尝试找一下对应的快捷键,并记住它们。

以下是 Brian 提到的一些重要组合快捷键:

  • Option + arrow keys — 遍历文本,可以在字、行或段落之间进行。
  • Shift + arrow keys — 选择一个范围
  • Shift + option + arrow keys — 选择一个字或行的文字范围
  • Command + arrow keys — 跳到一行的开头/结尾,或文件的开头/结尾
  • Command + shift + arrow keys — 选择一行或一个文件中的所有文本
  • Option + backspace — 删除一个词
  • Command + backspace — 删除光标前一行的所有文字

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