Daily Productive Sharing 381 - How Much Time Can You Spend on Your Hobbies?

Daily Productive Sharing 381 - How Much Time Can You Spend on Your Hobbies?
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How much time can we spend on our hobbies outside of our full time jobs, and after discussing it with friends, Zushi found that it would be re reasonable to maintain two hobbies outside of work. By this estimate, it takes about the same amount of energy to maintain a full-time job as it does to maintain two hobbies, so Zushi has been picking hobbies more carefully since then.

n my case, Crossfit takes up a lot of my spare time, an hour per class and an hour drive back and forth, so at least two hours are for each class. To optimize my training, I combine CrossFit and weightlifting classes during weekdays, so I spend an hour on the road, but my training time becomes two hours. A two-hour training for two thousand calories is a good deal. All in all, my training time is about 6-8 hours per week, with 5 hours on the road, for a total of 11-13 hours.

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全职工作之外,我们能有多少时间分配在自己的爱好上?Zushi 和朋友讨论之后发现,能在工作之外维持两个爱好就很不错了。以此估算的话,维持全职工作所需要的精力和维持两个爱好的精力差不多,所以 Zushi 从此更加细心挑选自己的业余爱好了。

不知道你花多少精力在自己的业余爱好上?以我而言,Crossfit 占据了我大量的业余时间,每节课一小时,来回车程一小时,所以每次上课最少两小时。为了优化我的训练,我周中会把 CrossFit 和举重课连起来上,这样同样在路上花费一小时,我的训练时间变成了两小时。两小时消耗两千卡还是蛮划算的。总的来说,每周我的训练时间差不多是6-8小时,路上要花5小时,总计11-13小时。

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