Daily Productive Sharing 383 - Why Does Everything Look Better From the Outside?

Daily Productive Sharing 383 - Why Does Everything Look Better From the Outside?
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Morgan Housel explains why almost everything looks better from the outside:

  1. everything is essentially selling, so people try to create a good image, and what others initially see is only a filter, not the whole.
  2. only when we look deeper can we see the whole behind the surface, which is why there is always this and that dissatisfaction when we look at our own situation.
  3. that when we maintain this pattern of thinking, we are constantly harshing ourselves and becoming more and more frustrated.
  4. of course not all of them are so bad, there are exceptions.

The typical example is that we are always dissatisfied with our jobs, and after getting a new job, we find that the new company is still the same. So in fact this can be the norm, and only a lucky few will enjoy their jobs.

From this week, every Wednesday will focus on the topic of mindset. Often times, changing our mindset can completely improve our productivity.

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为什么人们总是吃着碗里的,看着锅里的?Morgan Housel 解释了这一思维模式:

  1. 所有的事本质来说都是贩卖,所以人们努力创造一个美好的表象,而他人最初看到的也只是表象,而不是全部;
  2. 只有当我们深入了解之后,我们才能看到表象之后的全部,这也是为什么我们观察自己的处境之时,总有这样那样的不满;
  3. 当我们保持这样的思维模式时,我们就会不断地苛责自己,越发沮丧;
  4. 当然并不是所有的全部都如此糟糕,也有例外。



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