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Daily Productive Sharing 384 - Why Is the Slope More Important?

Daily Productive Sharing 384 - Why Is the Slope More Important?
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Matt Rickard explains why the rate of growth is more important than the starting point:

  1. even if the starting point is low, if the growth rate is high enough, eventually it will outpace a high starting point with a low growth rate;
  2. when we measure growth rate, we need to look at it on a long enough time scale: after all, growth is not always easy, and it is only meaningful to measure it over a certain length of time, for both people and ourselves;
  3. of course a faster growth rate will give us more positive feedback in a shorter period of time, which is why a faster growth rate is more likely to lead to success.

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Matt Rickard 使用简单的象限解释了为何成长的速率比起点高低更重要:

  1. 即使起点比较低,如果成长速率足够高,最终会超过起点高但是成长速率低的;
  2. 当我们衡量成长速率时,要放在足够长的时间尺度下来看:毕竟成长并非一帆风顺,只有在一定的时间长度下来衡量才有意思,于人于己都是如此;
  3. 当然更快的成长速率会在更短的时间内给我们更多的正反馈,这也是为什么更快的成长速率更容易接近成功。

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