Daily Productive Sharing 386 - How to Keep Our Digital Life Minimalistic?

Daily Productive Sharing 386 - How to Keep Our Digital Life Minimalistic?
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Digital Minimalism is a concept developed by Cal Newport, who wants to help people get rid of their dependence on digital devices such as cell phones. Issac Smith shares his feelings and practices after reading this book:

  1. we always need margin, physically and spiritually. And smartphones have filled so much of our margin that we can't find our own space;
  2. to practice digital minimalism, the most important question is what exactly is the role of technology in our lives?
  3. to answer the above question, we need to align it with our values, if they are not connected, then it is difficult to practice digital minimalism successfully.
  4. when we intend to practice digital minimalism, we need to find alternative activities, otherwise these gaps will be filled by other meaningless activities.

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数字极简主义是 Cal Newport 提出的一个概念,他希望以此来帮助大家摆脱对手机等数字设备的依赖。Issac Smith 分享了自己读完此书的感受和实践:

  1. 我们一直需要空间,物理上的,精神上的。而智能手机填充了我们太多的空隙,以至于我们找不到自己的空间。
  2. 要想践行数字极简主义,最重要的问题是科技在我们的生活中到底是什么角色?
  3. 回答上面这个问题要结合我们的价值观,如果两者脱钩,那么践行数字极简主义也就难以成功。
  4. 当我们打算践行数字极简主义,我们要找到合适的替代活动,否则这些空隙又会被其他无意义的活动填充。

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