Daily Productive Sharing 389 - How to Prepare for One-on-one?

Daily Productive Sharing 389 - How to Prepare for One-on-one?
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In technology companies, regular one-on-one discussions are almost an industry practice. One-on-one itself is bidirectional: management gives feedback to employees and listens to suggestions and opinions. Claire Lew gives a few directions for discussion:

  1. Share what’s been most motivating to you.
  2. Reveal what’s been draining and demotivating to you.
  3. Explain how you want to stretch and grow.
  4. Highlight what you’re grateful for about the company, work environment, or how your manager has treated you.
  5. Consider what’s been confusing or concerning to you in the company.
  6. Suggest one thing you see as your greatest shortcoming, and what you want to do to actively compensate for it or improve on it.

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在科技公司中,定期的一对一讨论 (1-on-1) 几乎是行业惯例。一对一本身是双向的:管理层给予雇员回馈,同时听取建议和意见。但很多时候,雇员并不会为一对一讨论作出准备,所以这样的讨论效果大打折扣。Claire Lew 给出了几个可以讨论的方向:

  1. 分享什么是最激励你的。
  2. 分享什么是最困扰你的。
  3. 解释你想如何成长。
  4. 强调你的感激,比如公司、工作环境、或你的经理如何对待你。
  5. 考虑一下公司里有哪些地方让你感到困惑或担忧。
  6. 提出你认为自己的不足之处,以及你想做什么来积极弥补或改善它。

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