Daily Productive Sharing 394 - What Does TPM Do?

Daily Productive Sharing 394 - What Does TPM Do?
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TPM stands for Technical Program Manager, which is a challenging and mysterious role in tech companies. Gergely Orosz interviewed some TPMs and summarized the key functions of this role:

  1. Leading complex and long-running projects that involve many teams.
  2. Leading engineering programs that don’t qualify as products.
  3. Owning migrations and long-term tech debt efforts.
  4. Owning engineering delivery for a domain like mobile, frontend, infrastructure.
  5. Leading one-off, but complex and important projects.

Tech companies need to make sure the TPM spends time with the engineers to understand the technology and decisions made.

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TPM是技术项目经理的意思,在科技公司中是一个具有挑战性和神秘性的角色。Gergely Orosz采访了一些TPM,并总结了这个角色的主要职能。

  1. 领导涉及许多团队的复杂和长期的项目。
  2. 领导还未成熟为产品的工程项目。
  3. 负责迁移和长期的技术债务工作。
  4. 负责一个领域的工程交付,如移动、前端、基础设施。
  5. 领导一次性的,但复杂和重要的项目。


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