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Daily Productive Sharing 397 - Pay Readers to Read

Daily Productive Sharing 397 - Pay Readers to Read
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Have you bought a lot of books, but only read some of them? As the saying goes, it's easy to buy books and hard to read them. Kevin Kelly has come up with an idea to increase the reading rate of books: pay the readers when they finish reading them. This has several advantages:

  1. it increases the reading rate of the book.
  2. the number of readers who buy the book will increase because of this gimmick, but a small percentage will actually finish the book, so the publisher/author can make more money.

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你是否买了不少书,但只读了其中的一部分?所谓买书容易读书难。作为作者的 Kevin Kelly 提出了一个提高书籍阅读率的点子:付钱给读完书的读者。这样做有几个好处:

  1. 可以提高书籍的阅读率;
  2. 因为这个噱头来买书的读者会增加,但真正能读完的还是一小部分,所以出版社/作者能赚到更多。

没记错的话,之前海信推出墨水屏手机的时候已经推出过类似的活动,连续读书 N 天,就退换全额购机款。看评测又不少人拿到了退款,不过不知道有多少人真正读了更多的书?

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