Daily Productive Sharing 399 - How to Achieve Financial Independence?

Daily Productive Sharing 399 - How to Achieve Financial Independence?
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Rajiv Prab describes his reasons and journey in pursuing financial freedom.

  1. the essence of the pursuit of financial freedom is to be free to make choices without considering money.
  2. career choice is the most important step in financial freedom, for example, software engineer is easier to achieve financial freedom than hardware engineer.
  3. to find a good job, a good school is a fundation, such as a one-year master's degree from a prestiga school, which will bring you more good opportunities.
  4. at any stage, a big company like FANG can pay more for less working time.
  5. of course you can learn more by going to work in a startup, you can experience more, and you have the possibility to get a higher title in shorter time.
  6. that if he were to do it all over again, he would choose to spend the first six years working in a startup before moving on to a larger company.
  7. it is better to go out for interviews every three years to test your level and to get a better salary
  8. negotiating salary with the new company, the increase should be at least 30%, which also includes options or stocks. Do not give up options or stocks.
  9. if you plan wisely and practice, you can achieve financial freedom even with a small salary, but it will take longer time.
  10. don't let the money lie in the bank, but take it to invest; even if you lose some of it, it doesn't matter, after all, you still have a lot of trial and error opportunities.
  11. buying a house is probably the most important financial choice in life, please be careful, in many places, renting is a better choice.

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Rajiv Prab 介绍了自己追求财务自由的原因和历程:

  1. 追求财务自由的本质为了自由,可以不为钱而作出选择;
  2. 职业选择是财务自由中最重要的一步,比如软件工程师要比硬件工程师要跟容易实现财务自由;
  3. 要想找到好工作的话,好学校是很好的敲门砖,比如一年制的名校硕士,会给你带来更多的好机会;
  4. 在任何阶段,在 FANG 这一的大公司都可以以较少的时间获得较多的薪水;
  5. 当然去初创公司可以学到更多,可以经历更多,也有可能在更短的时间内拿到更高的头衔;
  6. 如果他重来一遍的话,会选择最初的六年在初创公司里工作,然后再去大公司;
  7. 最好每三年出去面试,可以检验自己的水平,也可以获得更好的薪水;
  8. 和新公司谈薪资的话,涨幅至少要30%,这也包括期权或股票。不要轻易放弃期权或者股票;
  9. 当然合理规划并加以实践的话,即使不多的薪水也能实现财务自由,只不过时间会长一些;
  10. 不要让钱躺在银行里,要拿去投资;即使损失一部分也不要紧,毕竟你还有很多试错机会;
  11. 买房可能是人生中最重要的财务选择,请谨慎对待,在很多地方,租房是更好的选择;

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