Daily Productive Sharing 400 - Innovate, but Imitate First

Daily Productive Sharing 400 - Innovate, but Imitate First
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David Perell critiques the current problem of innovation rather than learning from others. In his view, all innovation is based on learning from the past, that is, "standing on the shoulders of giants". At present, many fields are pursuing originality, originality out of nothing, which will affect innovation. Therefore, he proposed to learn from others and then innovate. He introduced the concept of originality disease and pointed out that this problem is mainly caused by three factors.

  1. The first is pretty clear: misunderstanding inspiration.
  2. The second is more subtle: fetishizing originality.
  3. The third is pure conjecture: self-obsession.

When we started this e-newsletter, we actually borrowed from other e-newsletters, one is Technology Enthusiast Weekly by Yifeng Ruan, the other is Bay Area Daily News which is no longer updated, and my friend's Your Daily Dose of Podcast.

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David Perell 批评了当下只追求创新而不注重借鉴的问题。在他看来,所有的创新都是基于借鉴前人,也就是说“站在巨人的肩膀上”。当下,很多领域都追求一味原创,凭空的原创,这样反而会影响创新。所以他提出要借鉴,然后再创新。他提出了 originality disease 这一概念,并且指出这一问题主要由三种促因:

  1. 对灵感的误解。
  2. 对原创的误解。
  3. 对自我的迷恋。

当我们开始做这份电子报的时候,其实也借鉴了其他电子报,一是阮一峰的《科技爱好者周刊》,二是已经不再更新的《湾区日报》,还有穿堂风的 Your Daily Dose of Podcast

  1. 阮一峰的[《科技爱好者周刊》] 让我明白了针对特定人群的电子报(它最初的定位是程序员)是有市场的;
  2. 《湾区日报》 让我明白了分享有价值的文章也是有市场的;
  3. 穿堂风的 Your Daily Dose of Podcast 让我明白了每天更新也是有可能的。

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