Daily Productive Sharing 401 - Don't Break the Chain

Daily Productive Sharing 401 - Don't Break the Chain
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We just celebrated the release of the 400th DPS last week, and the reason we've been able to keep going for a year and a half is simple: from the beginning we had a very small goal, to share one useful productivity article every business day. We're proud to say that we haven't had a single workday break in the part year and a half.

In fact, this is a very simple approach to productivity: Don't Break the Chain, which simply means setting a small goal and sticking to it every once in a while, without interruption. In addition to sharing every weekday, I also practice this method in my life:

  1. read at least 25 minutes a day, and I have finished five books this year.
  2. participate in crossfit training at least three days a week, and have done so 30 days this year.
  3. started meditation in February, using Balance app every day before bed to learn meditation techniques.

As stated in this article, Don't Break the Chain works because it has the following benefits.

  1. It activates your brain’s reward system;
  2. You make tangible progress;
  3. It forces you to focus on today;
  4. You harness the power of small wins;
  5. You’re more realistic about your goals.

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上周我们刚刚庆祝了第四百期 DPS 的发布,能坚持一年半的原因很简单:从一开始我们就只有一个很小的目标,每个工作日分享一篇有用的生产力文章。我们可以自豪地说,这一年半没有一个工作日中断过。

其实这也是一个很简单的生产力方法:Don’t Break the Chain。简单来说就是设立一个很小的目标,然后坚持每隔一段时间都完成,尽量不要中断。出了每个工作日发分享之外,我还在生活中践行这一方法:

  1. 每天至少阅读25分钟,今年已经读完了五本书;
  2. 每周至少参加三天 crossfit 训练,今年已经有30天参加了训练;
  3. 二月开始尝试冥想,每天睡前使用 balance 来学习冥想技巧。

诚如这篇文章里所说的,Don’t Break the Chain 之所以能成功,是因为它有以下好处:

  1. 它激活了你大脑的奖励系统;
  2. 它让你取得切实的进展;
  3. 它迫使你专注于今天;
  4. 它让你尝到了小赢的滋味;
  5. 它让你对自己的目标更加现实。


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