Daily Productive Sharing 402 - Be curious, not judgmental

Daily Productive Sharing 402 - Be curious, not judgmental
Photo by Joseph Rosales / Unsplash

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What are the most scarce qualities today? Curiosity should be considered one of them. When we were kids, we were curious about the world, and as we get older, our curiosity seems to slowly diminish. Even though we have the internet which is more convenient than ever, there seems to be more and more information cocoons, not to mention the ubiquitous GFW. Today's share actually speaks to a very simple truth: Be curious, not judgmental.

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当下最稀缺的品质是什么?好奇心应该算是其中之一。当我们还是孩子的时候,我们对这个世界充满了好奇,随着年龄日长,我们的好奇心似乎慢慢减少。尽管我们拥有了比以前更方便的网络,但信息茧房似乎越来越多,更不用说无处不在的🧱。今天的分享其实就讲了一个很简单的道理:Be curious, not judgmental。

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